Lowline Angus - How are Lowline cattle different?

Lowline cattle are not just another novelty breed. While they are naturally quiet-tempered, easy animals to raise, they are an extremely efficient range animal that produces a high quality meat product. Lowlines are also an outstanding new breed for the small acre ranch. Consider some important facts from the Australian research center:

  • Lowlines have superior carcass traits with 30% larger ribeye area per hundredweight than any other breed, and excellent marbling.
  • Lowline feed requirements are significantly lower than larger sized animals--at one third the nutritional requirements of larger cross-bred cattle, Lowlines will still wean 40% or more retail product per acre.
  • Excellent ease of calving
  • Lowlines are black or red hided and naturally polled.
  • Highly adaptable to a wide variety of climates from Canada to the deep South.
  • Perfectly suited to a premium niche market for beef with a smaller portion, thick-cut steak of excellent tenderness and marbling.
  • Excellent mothering ability and short gestation length (271 days).
  • Lowlines are attractive, well-proportioned, and easy to handle.
  • Lowlines have a lifespan of 12-25 years, are good foragers; hardy, easy keepers.
  • Finish a tasty, well-marbled product on minimal grain.
  • Lowlines offer excellent value for seedstock producers to meet the growing demand for breeding animals. 
  • Extremely well-suited to intensive grazing situations.
  • Lowlines have been tested free of the dwarfism gene or the Anchondroplasia gene.


Source: NEAA - 9/17/2014